Client First Conviction...



There are many convictions and skills necessary to be considered an excellent real estate professional.  What separates Cris from others is his great Conviction for you personally.  This conviction translates into: work ethic, integrity, communications, forethought, problem solving, advice given, strategies suggested, negotiating efforts, marketing effectiveness, and therefore the results and experience his clients receive.  With a 30 year track record, Cris has built a network of quality professionals for all his client's needs: mortgage lenders, home inspectors, attorneys, settlement companies, contractors, moving companies, insurance brokers, etc...  His conviction for his clients is clearly seen throughout the entire process of selling and/or purchasing your home, all for one purpose: Making it all About You.  May sound corny but this is the foundation of how Cris works.

This also means providing very good communication with his clients, keeping himself accessible via his iPhone & iPad, (lives on them!) and being a good and detailed listener and responding quickly to questions and needs.  It also means thinking well ahead with forethought and insight to guide and protect your interests.  It means sometimes doing the hard and uncomfortable things, things that many other agents will not do for their clients because of inconvenience or being awkward or uncomfortable.  Cris does these things for two reasons:  To benefit & protect You!

Cris also utilizes the latest technology and systems enabling him and his team to do everything in your behalf quickly, thoroughly & efficiently. 

When you decide you'd like to buy or sell your home or property in metro Washington call, text or email Cris.  You'll be pleased you did.

And, even if you're in the very beginning stages of considering a move, talk with Cris to simply discuss your situation in order to determine all your options. Many times, talking options well in advance is a real asset.  You can bet you'll come away with confidence in who Cris is as a professional, a person and as your future real estate agent.