Who's Representing You and Your Home in the Open Market? 

There's no other question so Important! You will choose someone - other than yourself - to 'represent' you and your property and this person will have a major impact on your results and your real estate experience. Look No Further!!  Market Insight, Detailed Knowledge and Experience in metro Washington, Marketing & Negotiating Strategies, Going the Extra Mile and having sincere Convictions for You is what I strive for daily. Small things or a slip of the tongue could cost you thousands of dollars and create a lack of confidence and therefore unneeded sleepless nights! Those things won't happen when working with me. Let's talk about your situation, reviewing your home's value, the current market activity applicable to your home, and begin to fine tune all details giving you the specifics you need. Let's talk about who's likely to purchase your home, your timing, and what your specific needs are for your up & coming move. And of course, let's discuss what works and what my focus is in selling your home for the highest amount possible, in the shortest time frame possible and giving you the best real estate experience possible. Let's also talk about 'Why Cris' and 'Why RE/MAX" and what makes us different than other agents! It really is All About You! Ask the other clients over the past 26 years!

What's Important about Your Next Home's Property & Location?

  • Desiring a certain walking or driving distance to schools, shopping, or your place of worship.
  • Wanting neighborhood sidewalks or perhaps a high degree of neighborhood 'Pride of Ownership' or neighborhood charm and character.
  • Having a secluded property, trees or morning or afternoon sun.
  • Maybe it's having a large lot for seclusion and privacy or for the kids to play. 
  • Maybe it's wanting a smaller lot that would require less care and upkeep. 
  • Maybe it's being close to an airport or metro station.
  • Maybe it's being close in proximity to family or friends.
  • Maybe it's being in a specific school district.

Asking key and important questions allows me to focus on what's so very important to you.  There are typically "trade offs" that most have to consider.  It's very important I discover and know those items.  The last thing I want is for you to not consider all options available to you that may be fantastic in your price ranges and in the locations you're focusing.   See all properties possible is the mode of operation, however, I don't want to waste your time seeing things that you could not consider actually "buying" or "owning" vs others you'll have to choose from.

Let's Play 50 Questions about the Features of Your Next House!

 What will excite you about your next home?  What do you desire:

  • A certain design or style of home?
  • Certain numbers of bedrooms & baths?
  • An important layout or size & flow of floor plan?
  • Things being updated from top to bottom or a house that you can add your own personal touches.
  • A lower level that's finished or not, with a walkout to the backyard or the side.
  • Stairs or not or a limited amount of stairs?
  • Gas or Electric, Garage - attached or detached.  A Driveway/parking pad or street parking
  • Front Porch, rear porch, screened or open air
  • What key features are an absolute 'must haves' vs other features being only 'so-so' that you can live with or improve later?

Let's Explore Your Financial Options!

As a Certified Financing Specialist (CFS) regarding mortgages, and with 26 years of knowing and experiencing mortgage financing in-depth, we can explore what options will work best for you.  After careful review of your income, employment, down payment dollars available, interest rates, mortgage types and your determining your approximate tax advantages, we'll know with assurance what your financing options will be, and what various price ranges you can consider in your desired neighborhoods, school districts and locations. (Of course, all review will be confirmed by your lender of choice.)  I want you considering everything possible for you and your family, and knowing your financial options will allow you to make the most of what is available to you.  I'm a big believer in ... 'people don't do what they don't want to do' ... and in buying a home, knowing what's possible in your ability & comfort zone will allow you to choose the best home available.